Baked Goods are
Baked Great here.

Our secret ingredient is taste.

We know what some people think when they hear “gluten-free.” They think great taste and texture go missing along with the gluten. But we can confidently say our baked goods aren’t just good for gluten-free, they’re just good – period. Our recipes use non-GMO ingredients that make celiacs, vegans, folks with a few allergies or wheat sensitivities, or just anyone who loves baked goods, very happy.

Classic Loaves

It’s no accident that the word ‘love’ is baked right into the word ‘loaves’. Because with our bread, you’ll experience love at first bite. Especially since these loaves are allergy-friendly, egg and dairy free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Wide Slice Loaves

Bigger is definitely better here. This vegan, allergy-friendly, Non-GMO Project Verified bread can handle any sandwich you can dream up.

Sprouted Loaves

You’ll love the taste and texture. But the sprouted whole grains and oats will love you back with easier digestion and enhanced nutrition.

Original Buns

We make delicious buns that are perfect for holding other delicious things. Made with nutrient-rich millet and chia seeds, our buns have a hearty but smooth texture with a delicate crunch. And of course, they’re all vegan, allergy-friendly, and Non-GMO Project Verified.