October 4, 2017   |   Tips   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

Has anyone ever told you that you have great taste? Well, we think you do for picking up a delicious gluten-free loaf of Little Northern Bakehouse Bread at the grocery store. Once you get it home, where should you store your new favourite bread? Maybe put it right back in the freezer since that’s where you found it? How about the fridge? Or is it OK to leave it out on the counter—but for how long? Let us take the guesswork out of keeping your bread fresh with these five easy tips.

  1. First off, just because it’s gluten-free bread, it doesn’t need to be stored any differently than gluten-filled bread. You can leave your loaf out on the counter until the best-before date found on the bag or for up to nine days if you purchased it in the freezer—it will remain fresh and soft so you can enjoy it even untoasted.
  2. Just make sure to seal the bag well after you grab a slice.
  3. Better yet: Store it in a bread box or your pantry out of direct sunlight.
  4. Remember, it’s best to keep our bread out of the refrigerator since the fridge can draw out moisture.
  5. Not going to finish the loaf in about nine days? Freeze our bread to preserve its freshness for up to three months. Just be sure that bag is tightly closed and free of any excess air. Then when you’re ready to enjoy a slice, thaw it at room temperature, pop it into your toaster or reheat in the oven, and voila!—delicious gluten-free bread.