Answers to some frequently asked questions

Are your breads made in a certified gluten-free facility?

Yes! We’ve been audited and certified by GFCP and GFCO. We regularly test our loaves at the bakery and send them out to a third party for testing as well.

Does Little Northern Bakehouse use genetically modified ingredients?

All of our products and ingredients are verified non-GMO by the Non GMO Project.

Are the breads peanut and tree nut free?

They sure are! Our facility is peanut and tree nut free.

Why does your packaging say the bread is made in a facility that also produces product with eggs?

Our breads are made in the same facility as other breads which do contain eggs. We always wash down all the equipment and make our products before the egg-containing breads, so it’s highly unlikely that our bread contains any traces of egg. We state it on the bag to ensure complete transparency and in the very rare instance of any allergens finding their way into our products.