We taste like the real thing because we are.

Really Authentic

The “real thing” can be different things to different people. For us, it means being authentic. It means baking with passion. It means certified gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients for the best baked goods.

Really Different

We’re a bakery before we’re a gluten-free bakery, a bakery who believes in sharing the joy of exceptionally delicious baked goods with everyone. We believe that gluten-free shouldn’t be hard to find or less tasty than the regular breads and buns. We believe in making a difference by making gluten-free goodness that fits into any lifestyle. For real.


Really Tasty

Whether you’re a celiac, a person with wheat sensitivities, or just choosing to change your diet for the better, we’ve got a bread for you. The simple pleasures of a slice of toast in the morning or a double decker sandwich for a midnight snack may seem like small things. But when we hear customers say “Wow! This tastes like real bread” that’s a big deal for us.

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Just Really Good

Gluten-free goodness and great taste is in everything we do. So we only use non-GMO and plant-based ingredients without any eggs or dairy. That means we’re vegan, we’re wheat-sensitive, we’re committed to delicious taste, and we’re confident enough to say that our baked goods are the real thing, and so are we.

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Why We’re The Real Deal

Our certifications and healthy benefits are about as real as it gets.