We taste like the real thing because we are.

The Joy of the Real Thing.

We believe in making a difference by sharing the joy of exceptionally delicious baked goods with everyone. As bakers, we believe passionately that gluten-free breads and buns can—and should!—have all the taste and texture of the real thing. Because you deserve certified gluten-free goodness that fits your life. For real.

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We’re the Real Deal. Certified.

We mean it when we say, “everyone.” That’s why we make everything in our certified gluten-free bakery—and use only plant-based ingredients with no top-9 allergens or GMOs. So, whether you’re celiac, have allergies or sensitivities, or just feel better eating gluten-free, you’re safe with us. And we have the certifications to prove it.

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Really Authentic. Really Tasty.

The simple pleasures of a full-sized slice of toast for breakfast or a triple-decker sandwich for lunch may seem like small things. But when people say, “Wow! This tastes like real bread!” that’s a big deal for us. Because “Good for gluten-free” isn’t good enough for us—we taste like the real thing because we are.

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Why We’re The Real Deal

Our certifications and healthy benefits are about as real as it gets.