January 11, 2019   |   Tips, Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

Ahhhh the pantry. The place we all seem to wander over to when we’re hungry, bored, or curious. Stocked properly, it can be a cornerstone of your gluten-free kitchen, where tasty snacks, staple foods, and all the right spices hang out together. Here’s how to make over your gluten-free pantry (or cupboards) in six simple steps.

  1. Have a stockpile of food to “call upon” at a moment’s notice.

    If you have ever found yourself thinking you had all the ingredients you needed for a recipe, only to realize you ran out of salt, olive oil, elbow pasta, or whatever, you’ll appreciate always making sure you have what you need.

  2. Get a chalkboard for inventory.

    Keep an erasable running list of what is low on the inside of your door, so you can grab more on your next grocery run. This will keep your food stores high and ready to be used when recipe inspiration strikes.

  3. Invest in beautiful jars.

    Mason, weck, recycled glass, or even washed and reused jars from things you’ve bought and eaten before—having storage containers not only makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and see how much you have on hand, but you get the sweet satisfaction of having a visually appealing system too. Plus, shopping in bulk is great for the environment.

  4. Keep spices and condiments at the ready.

    A dash of cumin in some Spanish rice, some cinnamon in your homemade granola (we love this recipe by @piloncilloyvainilla), and coconut oil for your stovetop popcorn can change the entire flavour profile of your favourite dishes.

  1. Create a space for your cookbook library.

    If you have your cookbooks tucked away with your novels, coffee table books, and magazines, you’re missing out on having epicurean inspiration within arm’s reach. Keep them where you use them: in the kitchen.

  2. Reorganize by stocking like things together.

    Group your items together in jars or in their original packaging using the list below, and then follow the rule of eyesight to find the right placement. That means perishables, like your favorite Little Northern Bakehouse loaf, sits at eye level. The stashes of gluten-free flours and sugars that only come out for special occasions? Put them wherever is least convenient to reach. Use the rest to fill in the remaining space according to your preference, remembering to keep what you use most in your immediate view.

Pastas and grains

Beans and legumes

Cereals and granola

Bread and perishables

Oils and vinegars


Baking items

Canned fruit and veg

Nuts, raisins, and bulk staples like nutritional yeast

Ready-to-eat snacks

While you’re shopping and stocking up, remember to keep an eye out for gluten in some regular pantry staples, including soy sauce (choose gluten-free tamari instead), bouillon cubes, pickles (some use malt vinegar, which can contain gluten), and drink mixes like hot chocolate. When you’re done, show off your pantry makeover by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram.