January 4, 2019   |   Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

Little Northern Bakehouse has a fresh new look! When you have something to say, we listen. After hearing from customers that our packaging was a bit hard to recognize in their go-to grocery store, we decided to give our packaging a makeover. New bright and clear packaging pops on the shelf and makes it easier for you to find your favourite flavour. What exactly did we change?

Our New Packaging:

  • Has a clear window so you can get a peek at the delicious gluten-free bread inside
  • Lists the flavour front and centre, making it easier to find your favourite or try something new
  • Has a bigger logo so you can be sure your loaf is gluten-free goodness from Little Northern Bakehouse
  • Is brighter, more colorful, and uses fun patterns that stand out on store shelves and in freezers
  • Has a fun bread board design to show off the perfected taste and texture of Little Northern Bakehouse bread and buns
  • Puts all the certifications you look for up front, so you can be sure your loaf is plant-based, non-GMO and gluten-free at a glance
  • Has new nutritional information to stay aligned with the latest health standards from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    • New 2-slice serving size
    • Each slice is not double the calories, fat and sodium
    • All nutritional amounts have doubled to reflect 2 slices instead of 1
    • Showing twice the amount of vitamins and minerals too

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