November 28, 2019   |   News   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

When your gluten-free journey hasn’t been a lifelong adventure (and your experience with gluten-free baked goods hasn’t always included Little Northern Bakehouse!), we’d totally get it if the words “Gluten-free” and “Bagel” in the same sentence made you raise an (understandably) skeptical eyebrow.

Why? Because traditional bagels depend on gluten for their signature chewiness—so much that the idea of a convincing gluten-free bagel might be…(cough!) tough to imagine.

Never ones to shy away from a good challenge, we sent Little Northern Bakehouse’s top bakers on a quest to create a gluten-free bagel that proudly lives up to our commitment to giving you baked goods that aren’t just good for gluten-free, they’re good, period. The result? Mouthwateringly scrumptious gluten-free bagels that can take you from breakfast, to bagelwich—and beyond!


Don’t let the name fool you—far from ho-hum, Plain is the blank canvas of bagels. The ultimate au naturel foundation for whatever sweet or savoury topping or filling combination you can dream up, our Plain bagels give you complete freedom to express your inspired, gluten-free self.


With a satisfying, New York-style chewiness, our Everything bagels are the perfect savoury base for your favourite dairy-free schmear. Topped with the classic mix of poppy seed, onion, garlic, and salt (minus the sesame seeds to keep them allergy-friendly!), this flavour is, well…everything a crave-worthy bagel is meant to be.

cinnamon & raisin

Any morning that starts with the comforting aroma of cinnamon wafting gently from the kitchen is sure to be a good one. Our Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels strike a delicate balance between the sweet plumpness of raisins, the satisfying springiness of bagel, and the subtle spice of cinnamon. Toast them to experience crispy-chewy-warm perfection.


If a stack of blueberry pancakes could be transformed into a toastable, hand-held breakfast to-go, this is what they’d look—and taste—like. With a blueberry-infused bounce that’s nothing short of delightful to bite into, warm from the toaster and topped with buttery spread, our Blueberry bagels give pancakes a run for their money.

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