December 3, 2019   |   News   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

When your DIY pizza dreams start and end with what’s on top, you’re not a cauliflower crust convert, and your ingredients list doesn’t include dairy or eggs, limited might be a word you’ve used to describe your options.

Not anymore.

Hang up on the idea that dine-in, gluten-free pizza calls for delivery. Now you can throw a plant-based pizza party at home—no kneading required. We’ve got you covered through thick and thin…artisan-style pizza crusts, that is!

Armed with the option of subtle, doughy original or crisp, thin-crust, and all the tantalizing, plant-based, gluten-free, allergy-friendly toppings you can handle, the power of choice will taste better than ever.

Pizza Party Time


Original Artisan Pizza Crust

With 10-inches of surface area to sauce, top, and melt your way to your very own slice of gooey, pizza perfection, our Original Artisan Style Pizza Crust gives you all the subtle, doughy texture and classic taste of a traditional pie. Now everyone in your family can feast on their favourite pizza flavours, all with the comfort (and control) of home.

Thin Artisan Pizza Crust

Thin enough to deliver the lightness you’d expect from a saucy, sophisticated, less-is-more slice, yet sturdy enough to support all your gourmet topping ambitions, our Thin Artisan Pizza Crust is crisp, with a delicate chew. Whether you serve it with grown-up glam to your gluten-free guests, or indulge in at-home artistry, this crust is completely crave-worthy.

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