April 8, 2020   |   Tips, Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

True classics are simple, universally beloved, timeless, versatile, and tough to improve on. A classic among classics, nothing stacks up to the humble grilled cheese sandwich. Our Ultimate Mix-and-Match Guide to Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese is a celebration of the anything-goes superpowers that swing this sandwich from kid-friendly lunch to luxe foodie fare. All with fridge and pantry staples you already have on-hand. When literally every layer is yours to customize, our Ultimate Mix-and-Match Guide to Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese is all you need to whip up your own wild—and crazy delicious!—signature combo.

Keep reading below our sweet (and savoury) graphic for layer-by-layer tips and tricks to make you a mix-and-match master!

Ultimate Mix and Match Guide to Grilled Cheese

The Bread

Your favourite loaf of Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread in the freezer is more than enough to get you started. Even if you stick to tried-and-true toppings, the bread you choose sets the textural foundation of your sandwich. And oh, the places your choice of bread—and grilling method—can take you! Grilled to the lightest golden brown, our soft White Wide Slice invites you to take a nostalgic stroll through childhood comforts, or remember the flat-top griddled goodness of a mom-and-pop diner untouched by time. Crisp slices of our Seeds & Grains in a cast iron skillet seasoned by decades of use for a seriously sophisticated crunch. Or throw tradition to the wind, grab a gluten-free Everything Bagel, and toss it in a panini press for an unconventional grilled cheese adventure.

The Spread

Condiment collectors rejoice! Zippy dijon mustard. Sweet raspberry jam. Creamy vegenaise. Saucy ketchup. Tangy cranberry sauce. Punchy pesto. Every jam, jelly, sauce, and spread you can imagine has a chance to shine in a mix-and-match grilled cheese. What makes one grilled cheese purist cringe opens a world of uncharted flavour-enhancing possibilities to the daring. Grab a spoon and slather your way to a spectacular sandwich! The saying ‘the messier the burger, the better it tastes’ applies here, too. But don’t limit your spreads to just the inside. One of our favourite tricks? Spread vegenaise on the outside of each slice before you grill it—you’ll get an extra crispy crust!

The Toppings

Tasty toppings are hiding in your fridge and cupboards! That jar of sundried tomatoes with only two leftover slices? That last forkful of capers? The four leaves of basil and that half a tomato that’s not quite enough for a salad? The remnants of crunchy deliciousness at the bottom of the bag of your favourite chips? Magic. Give forgotten bits and bobs a new purpose—transforming today’s grilled cheese into something truly special. Tuck these toppings inside your sandwich for one more way to experiment with contrasts of flavour and texture. Go for a rummage and let your fridge and pantry discoveries inspire creative combinations you’ve never considered before.

The Cheese

Unless that trip down nostalgia lane is exactly the comfort you crave today, there’s no need to limit yourself to the plant-based equivalent of orange cheddar-style slices. From smoked provolone and gouda, to spicy pepperjack or soft, spreadable herb and garlic soft cheeses, to sharp Swiss-style or aged English-style farmhouse, there are more non-dairy and nut-free vegan cheese options now than ever. Order the latest breakthrough from your favourite online purveyor of plant-based wonders, pick up your trusty go-to on your next trip to the store, or dive into your stash of slices, then melt your way to grilled, gooey goodness.

The Extras

We couldn’t call it the Ultimate Guide to anything if we didn’t pull out all the stops, so don’t skip this must-have layer! From crunchy slices of dill pickle, sour cornichon, or spicy pepperoncini, to crispy fried onions or shallots, or Snacklins (a puffy-crunchy-gluten-free-vegan take on pork rinds), extras are what make your creation…extra. Because if there’s one thing we’re sure of, life is better when you don’t hold back on the real things that bring joy.

Banish lunchtime boredom for good. Challenge your family to make their own Ultimate Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese sandwiches—kids of all ages will love the freedom to make a one-of-a-kind creation that’s all their own. Share your innovations and happy accidents with us @littlenorthernbakehouse on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!