March 8, 2021   |   News   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

If you’re gluten-free you know it’s not enough for a package to say “gluten-free”. The real seal of approval is the GF certification symbol. We use third-party certification so you’ve got more than just our word for it. The GFCO logo gives you complete peace of mind that Little Northern Bakehouse breads, buns, bagels, and pizza crusts have been rigorously tested and verified gluten-free.

When a brand is GFCO certified, it means the ingredients we use have been inspected and everyone who works in our gluten-free bakery has been trained. To earn GF certification, our production line is tested regularly to prove our products contain less than 10ppm gluten—half of the international 20ppm standard for gluten-free products.

We know GF certification helps you trust that your health is in good hands when you choose our gluten-free products. So we knew you’d be the first to notice the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) has a fresh new logo. Don’t be alarmed! Their new logo looks a little different. And it carries all the same assurances that every delicious thing Little Northern Bakehouse makes is certified gluten-free. You’ll start to see the new US version of the Certified Gluten Free symbol on our US packaging right away. (The Canadian logo will have similar updates sometime in 2021).

To learn more about gluten-free certification—and what it means to us at Little Northern Bakehouse and our commitment to bring you the joy of the real thing—read our Certified Gluten-Free article.