March 1, 2024   |   Tips, Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

Simply Fun + Delicious:
The Ultimate Gluten-free Guide to Toast Toppers

Terrific toast toppers can take your toast from simple same-old to stunning showstoppers that excite at any meal. Go beyond breakfast with 12 toast topping recipes that will inspire toast cravings for snacks, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

From sweet to savoury and everything in between, the gluten-free, allergy-friendly, plant-based toppers in our Ultimate Gluten-free Toast Toppers Guide are all you need to turn any day into a toastable occasion.

What’s inside? 

2 sweet to savoury recipes. 4 ultimate toast topping combos.  
All plant-based. All allergy-friendly. And all deliciously gluten-free.

To help you discover the magic of toast any time of day, we got you three of everything! Our 12-recipe collection of gluten-free toast toppers includes 3 sweet, 3 fruity, 3 hummus-y, and 3 savoury spreads. From chocolate to cheeze, you won’t be able to resist the deliciousness inside!

Every toast topping recipe in our Ultimate Gluten-free Guide is gluten-free, allergy-friendly (no peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or eggs), and vegan. And to help your toastable moments feel (almost!) effortless, all recipes use simple methods and easy-to-find ingredients wherever possible—no special equipment required.

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