By Little Northern Bakehouse

Looking for some easy kid-pleasing snacks for after school (that are still tasty enough you’ll want one for yourself)? We combed through our Instagram for some of the best in bright, fun colors; cheesy, melty goodness; pizza spin-offs, and healthy toppings.

Grilled Cheese Roll Ups

Pizza Buns

Fun, Bright, and Sweet
Blackberry Cream Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Smashed Raspberry Yogurt Toast

Strawberry Medley Toasts

Beet + Turmeric Yogurt Toast

Caramelized Banana + PB Toast

Fruity Wowbutter Toast

Apple Maple Tahini Toast

Cream Cheese + Spirulina Toast

Seedy Roasted Yam + Guac Toast

Garlicky, Melty, and Savory
Tasty Avocado Toast

Pull Apart Garlic Bread

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Garlic Toast with Marinara

Grab your breads and buns.