By Little Northern Bakehouse

Avoid burger burnout in your backyard with our mouth-watering gluten-free veggie burger variations. Gluten-free and plant-based, these veggie burgers are as healthy as they are delicious, especially when served on our Millet & Chia Buns.

Experienced veggie burger connoisseurs know grilling gluten-free patties can be fraught with danger. It only takes a moment on the barbecue for your beautiful burger to become a charred pile of disappointment as they stick, crumble, and fall through the grill to their doom.

Baked in the oven—not barbecued on the grill—these four veggie burgers give you something spectacular to enjoy at backyard BBQs all season long. Baking gives you full control over how these delicious gluten-free veggie burger patties turn out, as well as what goes into them. No special mats or grates required. And every burger in this round-up can be assembled with pantry essentials and fridge staples, too. Summer bites have never been so easy, breezy!

Family-Friendly Falafel Burger

Calling on pantry essentials like chickpeas, herbs, and tahini, this falafel recipe combines beautifully to make burgers filled with flavour (and not all the calories found in the usual fried fritters).

Gluten-free falafel veggie burger patties

Saucy Buffalo-Style Chickpea Burger

One bite of these warm, hearty, bright burgers and meat lovers will unleash their inner herbivores. A simple five-ingredient, finger-lickin’ good sauce turns up the heat on this burger meets Buffalo wings.

Gluten-free Buffalo Chickpea Burger Recipe

Hemp & Sweet Potato Burgers

Firm, flavourful, and nutritiously filling. These sumptuous sweet potato patties offer a healthier way to get your fry-fix with your burger. This sweet potato burger delivers all the great taste but significantly fewer calories than your standard burger—all in a gluten-free, completely plant-based package.

Gluten-free Hemp and Sweet Potato Burgers

Fresh Beet Burger

This burger doesn’t skip a beet! Packed with protein, these beauties serve up slightly smoky succulence even carnivores will crave. No need to spend hours shredding beets, either. Just pulse, form into patties, and bake.

Fresh Beet Gluten-Free Burger Recipe

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