By Simply Quinoa

After struggling with stomach pains, Alyssa Rimmer decided to make a lifestyle change. She started Simply Quinoa to share her satisfying, whole food solutions for people like her. Since then, she has built up a wellness community to support whole food living and we Little Northern Bakehouse is happy to be a part of that community. 

This is my vegan version of the perfect tuna salad sandwich. We’ve got a toasted Little Northern Bakehouse plain bagel, with a layer of vegan sriracha mayo, smashed chickpeas, sliced onion and finely chopped remain. It’s salty, it’s tangy, it’s creamy and it’s got the bite from the onion and the crunch from the lettuce. Each bite is sandwich perfection!

step 01

Start by making your chickpea salad. Add the chickpeas to a bowl and mash them with a fork. In a separate bowl add the tahini, mustard, ketchup, caper and lemon juices and stir together. Add a splash or two of water to thin it out. Taste and add salt and pepper if desired. Add the sauce to the bowl with the chickpeas and add the capers. Fold together.

step 02

Assemble the sandwiches by putting mayo on the bottom side of the bagel, layering on some of the salad, and topping with sliced onions and lettuce.