By Little Northern Bakehouse

A delicious handheld pizza experience with half the work, enjoy the crispy outdoor flavour of our healthy Pizza Grilled Cheese on the BBQ. Grill up this scrumptious sandwich on Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread and enjoy the sweet and tangy marinara, fresh basil, and gooey non-dairy cheese. This perfectly crispy golden grilled cheese is a healthy, tasty fusion of pizza pocket, calzone, and—of course—a grilled cheese sandwich.

Like pizza, this recipe can be customized to include whichever fillings you love most! Add mushrooms, spinach or grilled onions for some sneaky greens and this delicious dish will be a family favourite that is gluten-free and allergy-friendly. You can always switch up the cheese too. Try substituting your stretchy vegan cheese shreds for some salty crumbled feta, the world is your (vegan) oyster!

For the grill:
  1. Turn on your grill and set to medium-high heat (approximately 350℉-450℉).
  2. Spread the one side of each slice of bread with vegan mayo (or non-dairy buttery spread if you prefer).
  3. Assemble your sandwich with sauce, cheese, and your favourite pizza fixings, leaving the mayo-covered (or buttered) side facing out.
  4. If your grill is super clean, you can grill this pizza grilled cheese without using foil. Simply oil your grill lightly, and cook for 2 3 minutes on each side. Keep a close eye on your sandwich to achieve crispy grill marks and fully melted cheese without scorching the bread.
  5. When the cheese has melted and the sandwich is a crispy golden-brown, remove it from the grill, let cool, and enjoy.
For the frying pan:
  1. Heat a pan on medium.
  2. Spread the one side of each slice of bread with vegan mayo (or non-dairy buttery spread if you prefer).
  3. Build your sandwich by spreading some sauce on the unmayoed (or unbuttered) side of the bread, and add a layer of cheese, basil and any additional fillings. sprinkle on another layer of cheese and close with the other slice of bread, mayo/butter side out.
  4. Add the sandwich carefully to the pan, cook until golden-brown, lower the heat and flip, cook until everything is melty inside and golden outside.

Serves 1

  • Our trick to the perfect golden crust, vegan MAYO! Try spreading a thin layer on the bread instead of non-dairy buttery spread. This will create the perfect golden-brown bite.
  • If you are adding veggies, give them a quick flash in the pan beforehand. Or pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften toppings like bell peppers.
  • If you’re cooking over a campfire or packing a picnic and planning to use a public grill at a park, pre-make these sandwiches and wrap them in foil. Cooking them in foil makes it easier to grill several sandwiches at once, and easier to cook over heat that may be inconsistent (campfires with hot spots). PLUS, it keeps the melty goodness contained and you get all the benefits of make-ahead convenience.

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