December 8, 2017   |   Tips, Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

The holiday season is underway, and we all know what that means. Along with all the joyful tidings comes food, food, and more food. The holidays are notorious for causing seasonal slip-ups when it comes to healthy eating. For those of us following a gluten-free diet, festivities can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the help of these simple tips you can confidently indulge in seasonal celebrations while avoiding gluten and post-season guilt to boot.

  1. Be up front with your dietary restrictions

    . Don’t hold back when it comes to telling your host or hostess about your dietary restrictions in advance. They will absolutely appreciate you being forthcoming. Not only will they have more time to prepare, they’ll be relieved at the opportunity to accommodate all guests. Office party at a restaurant? Call ahead and discuss what options are available.

  2. BYOD

    If you’re unsure of the menu, offer to bring along a dish or two that you can look forward to enjoying. Wondering what to bring? There are countless gluten-free alternatives to every dish imaginable, including holiday favourites. Here are a few delicious gluten-free dishes even the gluten lovers are sure to drool over.

  3. Stick to naturally gluten-free fare

    Gluten is hidden in some unexpected places, from condiments to cutting boards. So aim to fill your plate with whole, nourishing foods you know to be gluten-free, like fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll take unnerving question marks out of the equation, and celebrations will be all the more enjoyable.

  4. Focus on the social side

    It may sound cliché, but spending time in the company of friends and family you love is truly what the season is all about. In that spirit, when in doubt, go without. Depending on the event, eat at ahead of time if necessary, then indulge in good conversation and merriment.

  5. Host your own

    Consider being the hostess with the mostest by showcasing just how mouthwateringly delicious gluten-free eating can be. Peruse our recipes to find inspiration for what to serve.