By Little Northern Bakehouse

No need to make two different stuffings on Thanksgiving to please the gluten-free and the gluten fans. Our stuffing recipes created with our Delicious Gluten Free Bread will wow the whole table. And this year, don’t pass on the bread crumb-dusted casseroles. Make better bread crumbs in minutes with our easy recipe. These quick, simple recipes will leave you more time to relax and enjoy the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Savoury Stuffing Cups

Your guests will savour their favourite Thanksgiving side dish without feeling, you know…stuffed. Fresh herbs meld beautifully on cubes of our hearty Delicious Gluten Free Seeds & Grains bread.

Sweet & Tangy Cranberry-Apple Stuffing

Cubes of our Delicious Millet & Chia Bread burst with fall flavours in this gluten-free take on the holiday classic. Possibilities for variation are endless—make it your own experimenting with your fave fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs

Tasty, golden, and with just the right amount of crunch, these homemade bread crumbs are so very versatile and simple to make. They’re sure to become a dependable staple in your gluten-free pantry.

Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese

Everyone will swoon over this creamy plant-based mac and cheese. Silky yams and creamy cashews pair beautifully with the smokiness and depth of chipotle peppers and ground cumin that’s all topped with the crispy crunch of homemade gluten-free bread crumbs.