February 26, 2019   |   News   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

Our Sprouted Honey Oat and Sprouted 7 Grain loaves aid in digestion, have a higher nutrient value, and give you better vitamin and mineral absorption in every bite. What’s the not-so-secret ingredient? Sprouted grains! With these delicious sprouted grain loaves, you can feel even better about being gluten-free! As always, they are made with the highest quality non-GMO ingredients and are recipe-perfected for a soft and pillowy bite.

Sprouted Honey Oat Bread

Made with a wholesome blend of sprouted grains, this flavourful egg- and dairy-free, allergy-friendly, Non-GMO Project Verified loaf is soft in texture and has all the comforting flavour and nutrition of sprouted gluten-free oats with a subtle touch of honey to sweeten your day. We love it with nut butters (or nut-free butters) or a homemade fruit spread.

Sprouted 7 Grain Bread

Made with a special blend of good-for-you sprouted grains, this flavourful vegan, allergy-friendly, Non-GMO Project Verified loaf is soft but bursting with a delicate crunch from a sprouted blend of 7 hearty grains, including sunflower seeds, red and white quinoa, amaranth, oats, millet, and brown rice flour. Great for sandwiches, homemade croutons, and your favourite toast.

Why Sprouted?

Sprouted grains and seeds are soaked in water until they begin to germinate (grow a small sprout). This is a naturally-occurring process that releases vital enzymes and breaks down starch stores and digestive inhibitors, making the nutrition in these grains more available and easier for your body to absorb and easier digest.

Or, think of it this way—sprouted grains and seeds have BIG health benefits:

Better digestion. Sprouting breaks down anti-nutrients like phytic acid while releasing beneficial digestive enzymes.

Increased nutrition. Seeds and grains are tightly bound packages of valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Sprouting kicks off a growing process that reduces carbohydrate stores while increasing soluble fibre and protein.

Greater absorption. Sprouting makes nutrients more available for your body to absorb, allowing you to make the most of every bite.

Just because you’re gluten-free, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of sprouted whole grains. Our Sprouted Honey Oat and Sprouted 7 Grain loaves are not only gluten-free and allergy-friendly, they’re also made with high-quality non-GMO ingredients. So you can make the best-tasting gluten-free choices even better for you!

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