Find Your Favourite Gluten-free Bread

Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free breads are baked so you can experience the joy of the real thing from breakfast to dessert—and at every meal in between.

Baked with plant-based, allergy-friendly, non-GMO ingredients, our breads have all the taste and texture of regular bread, minus the gluten. So celiacs, vegans, and folks with allergies or wheat sensitivities are free to fall in love with bread again.

Full Spectrum Taste and Texture that Makes Everyone Smile

Whether your next culinary adventure depends on one just-right taste and texture combo, or you’re a master of gluten-free kitchen improv who plays best with a range of options at your fingertips, there’s a Little Northern Bakehouse bread to elevate any recipe. From soft and smooth to slices with a hearty, seed-stuffed crunch, our gluten-free breads have you covered.Bread texture map

What is the Best Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten-free Bread?

From avocado toast to a triple-decker clubhouse, the right bread can make the meal. And finding the best gluten-free bread for you is totally personal. But whether you want one go-to gluten-free loaf to have on standby for toast and sandwiches, or your definition of ‘favourite’ depends on context, Little Northern Bakehouse has a bread you’ll love.

Classic LoavesCraving something simple? Try our Gluten-free Classic Loaves

Some foods have the power to take you right back to childhood. We’re not the only ones to put sandwiches made with soft, white bread or warm cinnamon raisin toast at the top of that list. From toast to sandwiches, and from croutons to bread pudding, our classic loaves give you all the joy—and nostalgia—of the real thing. Experience love at first bite. Gluten-free.

Our Gluten-free Loaves could be your favourite

Seeds & Grains

Seeds & Grains boasts a blend of seeds and gluten-free grains for a taste and texture you’ll love. Sunflower seeds, millet, brown rice, flax, pumpkin and chia combine for a seriously satisfying bite!

Try our eggless salad sandwich

Learn more about Seeds & Grains

Millet & Chia


White bread softness gets a subtle upgrade from the delicate crunch of whole millet and chia seeds in a smooth, flavourful gluten-free loaf beloved by sandwich seekers and toast fans alike!

Try our Baked Mac & Cheese

Learn more about Millet & Chia

Cinnamon & Raisin

Raisin’ the roof!

Sweet raisins and subtle cinnamon combine to make this comforting slice a gluten-free classic. Warm from the toaster, our Cinnamon & Raisin bread will bring a smile to any day.

Try our Cherries Jubilee Gluten-free Ice Cream Sandwich

Learn more about Cinnamon & Raisin

Wide Slice Loaves

Want a sizeable sandwich? Our Wide Slice loaves stack up!

Going without gluten shouldn’t mean giving up great taste and texture—or settling for a smaller sandwich. We think everyone deserves a fair-sized slice! Our Wide Slice loaves are made for serious stacking, so they won’t crumble under the pressure of the triple-decker sandwich of your dreams.

Gluten-free Slice Loaves could be your favourite

Whole Grain Wide Slice

Go wide or go home

Made with a gluten-free whole grain blend of brown rice, teff, millet, and red and white quinoa, our Whole Grain Wide Slice bread is a hearty base for sandwiches that satisfy any hunger!

Try our Eggless French Toast

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White Wide Slice

Wider slices, bigger sandwiches

Our softest, smoothest loaf, the taste and texture of our White Wide Slice bread makes irresistibly delicious full-size sandwiches, fresh from the bag or toasted.

Try our Gluten-free Korean Street Toast (Vegan Gilgeori)

Learn more about White Wide Slice

Sprouted loaves

Want all the goodness of whole grains, gluten-free? Try our Sprouted Loaves!

Fall in love with loaves that love you right back. Sprouting does more than take the taste and texture of gluten-free whole grains to a whole new level. It brings out the best of the nutrition inside—and it makes them easier to digest, too! Our Sprouted Loaves let you experience sprouted whole grain goodness, gluten-free. Gluten-free Sprouted Loaves could be your favourite

Sprouted 7 Grain

Sprouted grain goodness

There are 7 reasons to love this loaf. All of them are sprouted gluten-free whole grains! Delight in the texture of sprouted whole quinoa, amaranth, oats, and millet, paired with softness of sprouted brown rice flour.

Try our Blueberry French Toast with Lemon Curd

Learn more about Sprouted 7 Grain

Sprouted Honey Oat

A (subtly) sweet idea!

Your tastebuds will love when the delicate flavours of sprouted brown rice flour and whole sprouted quick oats get a touch of natural sweetness from sustainably sourced ethical honey.

Try our Strawberry Rhubarb French Toast

Learn more about Sprouted Honey Oat


Little Northern Bakehouse Bread Reviews

We’re a bakery who believes in sharing the joy of the real thing with everyone. But as much as we think we bake exceptionally delicious gluten-free bread, “Wow! This tastes like real bread!”  means more coming from real people who eat it every day.

Read raves and reviews for Little Northern Bakehouse breads from our gluten-free fans.

“Good morning! I just wanted to write to you to say that I really enjoy your gluten free bread. My son is on a strict diet and cannot have gluten, eggs or dairy. Majority of gluten free breads I’ve found contain egg, which doesn’t work for us. I then came across your bread! It’s been amazing. Not only is it gluten free/vegan, but it tastes great as well! So thank you for making such a great product.”


“Your wide loaves have revolutionized life as a bread loving GF person. Thank you. So moist for making great sandwiches with no toasting needed. And the slices don’t crumble like most GF breads.”


“My beloved wife is gluten intolerant, and we’ve done some experimentation through the years with various GF products. No one has ever been as consistently high quality as Little Northern Bakehouse. You are simply the best that we’ve ever discovered. From bagels to bread to buns, your work is outstanding! Thanks for all you do!”

Where to Find Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten-free Breads

Discovered your next favourite gluten-free bread? Great! Here’s how to find our breads:

In the Freezer or Fridge

Can’t find Little Northern Bakehouse bread in the bakery aisle? Check the freezer or the refrigerated aisle! Many stores stock gluten-free breads in the freezer to keep them as fresh as possible until you’re ready to bring them home. You can enjoy you’re Classic, Wide and Sprouted loaves at room temperature for 9 days after thawing, and 5 days after thawing for the Organic. Or stash in your freezer to enjoy bakery-fresh slices as you need them for up to six months!

In the Bakery Aisle

If your go-to grocer has a bigger bakery aisle, cruise through the fresh sliced breads section first. Sometimes you’ll find our gluten-free loaves right beside the regular bread. (Or in their very own gluten-free section!)

Find Your Favourite Bread in Store

Use our Store Finder to find Little Northern Bakehouse at a store near you. Can’t find your favourite slice in your neighbourhood? Ask your favourite shop to stock it!

Find Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread in a store near you