By Little Northern Bakehouse

Feeling in a rut with lunch? When it comes to refueling in the day, making time to sit down for a meal can be tough enough, let alone conjuring up something exciting. Throwing together a healthy midday meal with specific allergy considerations presents an even greater challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a little allergy-friendly lunch inspiration to give your day a lift. These simple, delicious, healthy ideas offer something for everyone to look forward to.

Eggless Salad Sandwich (egg-free, plant-based)

Who needs eggs when eggless tastes so creamy and delicious? Mere minutes are all you need to transform firm organic tofu into a flavourful, creamy rival of the classic. A superb and simple, protein-packed way to refresh the day!

Eggless Salad Sandwich (egg-free, plant-based)

Southwest Bean Salad Sandwich (soy-free, plant based)

Quick and easy to prepare, this zesty salad is as flavourful as it is fibre-full. Creamy mashed navy beans with a splash of vegan mayo and tahini add a level of versatility to the traditional popular side dish for a filling, satisfying sandwich.

Southwest Bean Salad Sandwich

WB & J

Now everyone can enjoy the protein-rich, comfort of a classic PB&J nut-free! Swap in delicious Wowbutter for all the creaminess and taste of peanut butter, but with better nutrition.

WB & J Sandwich