By Little Northern Bakehouse

“Zippy” doesn’t just describe the flavour of this speedy weekday recipe—our Easy Plant-based Kimchi Scramble on Gluten-free Toast is ready in the time it takes for your toaster to pop! Made with only four ingredients, this toast topper will wake up your tastebuds and help you start your day fuelled for anything.

This mouthwatering breakfast dish comes together so fast, even bleary-eyed night owls could pull it off in the morning rush. But four-ingredient-fast isn’t the only thing that makes this dish extraordinary—the delightfully complex combo of textures and flavours are enough to render any foodie temporarily speechless!

The contrast of the zingy, crunchy, spicy kimchi and warm, rich, eggy texture in this scrumptious plant-based scramble is truly sensational.  Made with our favourite plant-based egg swap, Just Egg, and tangy, gluten-free vegan kimchi from Wild Brine, these two ingredients alone make this Easy Plant-based Kimchi Scramble stand out.

But garnished with thinly sliced green onions and a dash of shichimi togarashi, and served on a toasty gluten-free platform of Whole Grain Wide Slice bread? We’re talking chef’s kiss breakfast perfection in under 7 minutes. (All with gluten-free whole grains, fibre, and plant-based protein to keep you satisfied and ready to take on your day!)

All-Access Pass to Global Flavours 

We’re on a recipe mission to give gluten-free foodies an all-access pass to foods and flavours from around the world!

We dig into emerging trends and global cuisines to find tempting dishes where the traditional recipes aren’t designed with allergies and special diets in mind and try to make them accessible to all through plant-based, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly swaps that respect the cultures they came from.

Why? Because every foodie should have the chance to experience the rich variety of flavours global cuisines have to offer.

Our Easy Plant-based Kimchi Scramble takes an egg-centric take on this year’s Asian breakfast, fermented foods, and complex heat trends and gives it a gluten-free, plant-based makeover!

As an allergy-friendly brand, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our gluten-free recipes without major allergens—just like Little Northern Bakehouse products.

But when we develop recipes, we also consider the availability of ingredients, too. Our goal is to make our gluten-free, plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes tasty—and as easy to make as possible. And part of that includes shopping for the ingredients.

Finding Gluten-free Kimchi

Many people assume kimchi is gluten-free—and generally it is—but not always. With as many varieties of kimchi as there are home cooks, chefs, and brands who make this beloved fermented food, many kimchi recipes use fish sauce, soy sauce, or wheat flour—ingredients that all contain gluten.

We’ve seen small, local artisan brands who make vegan, gluten-free, sesame-free kimchi. But we’ve yet to find one that fits the bill and is easy to find on grocery store shelves across Canada and the US.

That’s why we made our Easy Plant-based Kimchi Scramble on Gluten-free Toast with Wild Brine Korean Style Kimchi. It’s deliciously gluten-free, vegan, easy to find, and it’s got that authentic kimchi flavour! (And doesn’t contain MSG or added sugar, either!)

The one thing the Wild Brine kimchi we used does have that doesn’t work for all our fans? Sesame.

So, if you have a sesame allergy and want to enjoy this recipe, hunt down a gluten-free, sesame-free kimchi near you. (Lucky Foods SEOUL Vegan Original Kimchi is getting easier to find). Or embark on a fun fermentation adventure, and make your own!

Shichimi Togarashi

For extra crunch and a next-level pop of heat, we garnished our Easy Plant-based Kimchi Scramble with a sprinkle of shichimi togarashi. Also known as Japanese Seven Spice, shichimi togarashi is usually a mix of red chili flakes, sansho pepper, seaweed, hemp and poppy seeds, orange zest, and sesame seeds.

Shichimi togarashi boasts a toasty, umami flavour with an enjoyable heat and subtle, salty crunch. You can use this versatile spice blend on everything from rice, to pizza, to popcorn—or any food you’d add a dash of hot sauce to.

This delectable blend is easy to find in the spice section of Japanese and Asian grocery stores. But if you or someone at your table has a sesame allergy (or you just can’t find it near you), check out our tips section for a DIY recipe for sesame-free shichimi togarashi. (Because a little seed shouldn’t stand between you and exploring the flavours of the world!)

  1. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Once hot, add a tablespoon of oil or enough to coat the bottom of the pan.
  2. Pour in the liquid Just Egg and let it sit in the pan for about 30 seconds.
  3. Add the kimchi and fold it into the Just Egg as it begins to scramble. Cook until all liquid from the kimchi is absorbed by the Just Egg. This may take about 2 – 4 minutes depending on the size of your pan.
  4. Meanwhile, toast 2 slices of Little Northern Bakehouse Whole Grain Wide Slice bread.
  5. Top with plant-based kimchi scramble, green onion and shichimi togarashi.
    • If you can’t find shichimi togarashi—or you have a sesame allergy—here’s our quick sesame-free DIY version. Mix together equal parts:
      • Red chili flakes
      • Sansho pepper
      • Crumbled nori (or seaweed granules)
      • Hemp seeds
      • Poppy seeds
      • Dried orange zest
      • Shiso flakes
    • If you can’t find sansho pepper and dried orange zest, ground lemon pepper is a suitable swap. Nothing tastes like shiso. But you don’t have to use all these ingredients in your version, as long as you know the more you use, the more authentic the flavour of your DIY sesame-free version will be.
    • Like most spice blends around the world from garam masala to za’atar, to furikake, no one shichimi togarashi uses the exact same recipe or ratios. Whatever you use in yours, make it by the jar—you’ll thank yourself when you find yourself sprinkling this tasty blend on everything from gluten-free noodle dishes to your favourite soups and savoury spreads.

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