By Little Northern Bakehouse

No gathering is too small for these gluten-free tea sandwiches! From cucumber and vegan cream cheese to Cress & Egg(less) Salad, an assortment of these adorable little sandwiches pairs perfectly with afternoon tea (so it’s no wonder they’re called tea sandwiches!). Not only are they vegan they’re allergy-friendly too—so everyone at your party can enjoy some light but satisfying snacks!

These gluten-free tea sandwiches are scrumptious with crusts intact. But go all-in and cut them into classic crustless points if you like! The secret to creating the tasty triangles’ signature shape? Using a serrated knife to trim the crust off of the sandwich. Crusts off or on, you’ll have the ultimate afternoon tea sandwich platter to entertain guests of all ages. Or simply indulge in a personal plant-based buffet of gluten-free delights.

Our gluten-free tea sandwich recipes give you everything you need for a grand afternoon affair with variety to spare, but feel free to improvise with whatever ingredients you enjoy or have on hand.

  1. Gather and prepare your fillings. Make the Egg(less) Salad filling according to the recipe, and wash and slice cucumbers and greens.
  2. Lay out bread on a cutting board in pairs and set up a small sandwich assembly line. For the cucumber or carrot lox sandwich options, spread one half of each pair with a generous schmear of non-dairy cream cheese (or go all-in and spread some on both halves if you’re feeling truly decadent!). Top with carrot lox or cucumber filling and close each sandwich. For the Cress and Egg(less) Salad, top one side with a dollop of filling, add watercress (or sprouts), and close.
  3. Cut sandwiches into halves or quarters with a serrated knife. For a classic crustless sandwich affair, cut crusts off sandwich quarters to form perfect triangles. (But don’t let the gluten-free goodness go to waste! Snack on the crusts while you work, or save for later).
  4. Serve and Enjoy!

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