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Go on. Reach for the middle slice of Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread loaf. Those first few slices aren’t jealous. That heel isn’t heartbroken. They’re cooking up a plant-based plan to wow you in a whole new recipe. Get it right with leftovers. Mix and match leftover bread slices from the freezer for a gooey grilled cheese. Or, pick a favourite from our round-up of four what to do with leftover bread recipes. Throw on your chef’s hat and cube, slice, crumble, dice, toast, bake, broil, and sauté your way to scrumptious dishes that help you use up every last gluten-free slice.

Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs

Our Perfect Gluten-free Breadcrumbs make a yummy-crumby veggie coating, thickener, or casserole topper. Dehydrate in the oven, grind in a food processor, and store in the pantry or freezer until ready to use. For a richer topping with a hint of garlic, try our Mac & Cheese crumb topping (it’s marvelous on more than just this Mac & Cheese recipe!). These breadcrumb recipes are a crispy, buttery finish to a buffet of gluten-free dishes! We recommend using any Little Northern Bakehouse bread or bun products—especially Millet & Chia leftovers.

Savoury Strata

This Baked Savoury Gluten-free Strata is deep-dish-delight. A little bit frittata and a little bit quiche, a strata casserole combines luscious layers of veggies and crust. You’ll love earthy mushrooms, garlic, onions, and chard tossed in a golden-baked batter. The fresh (or slightly stale) cubed bread in this recipe lends density and moistness to the dish. Use any Little Northern Bakehouse bread or bun leftovers. Try our delicious Gluten-free Seeds & Grains for a little extra depth and texture. (No fresh swiss chard? Frozen spinach is a great substitute—just thaw, squeeze, and drain well before using).

Carrot Cake Bread Pudding

Many tasteful recipes have humble beginnings. Bread pudding is a centuries-old treat invented by frugal cooks to ensure no food went to waste, while traditional carrot cake used sweet carrots in place of pricy sugar. Little Northern Bakehouse married these two tasty classics to create one delectable dessert. Our Carrot Cake Bread Pudding uses an entire cubed loaf of Millet & Chia gluten-free bread, but you could just as easily save up your bread heels and odd-slices-out for the cause. The perfect way to use up that can of crushed pineapple from the back of your pantry, and the carrots in your crisper that have lost some of their crunch, this recipe blends sweetness with spice, and is topped with a non-dairy cream cheese-inspired icing that’s simply divine. The rest is history.

Crunchy Croutons

What to do with leftover bread: 4 recipes to use up every last gluten-free slice
Make a steaming bowl of soup sing crispy notes, and stretch your fresh greens further with a generous sprinkle of croutons. Turn Little Northern Bakehouse bread and bun leftovers into toasty nuggets that bring flavour and substance anywhere you add them. Our Perfect Croutons recipe uses buttery, non-dairy spread, and an array of spices you can adapt to match your mood or complement the flavours of your dish. Try seasoning your croutons with lemon pepper, Cajun spice, herb salt, garlic powder, chili powder, or a combo of whatever stands out on your spice rack. Cut them larger and call them crostini, or cut them smaller to suit your personal style. Season, toss, bake, flip—simple.

(Our crunchy croutons are a tasty gluten-free snack for anytime munching, too. Enjoy!)

What lonely bread remnants are in your freezer right now, waiting to star in a delicious new recipe?