By Little Northern Bakehouse

Why should Tuesday get all the toast and taco love? Our Easy Gluten-Free Toast Tacos 3 Ways are tasty every day of the week! With their delicious, easy, and fun combos to spice up any lunchtime or snack routine, you’ll soon find any excuse to whip up another helping of gluten-free toast tacos!

Your gluten-free toast taco adventure begins with taco shells made from our delicious gluten-free Millet and Chia bread or White Wide Slice bread. Then all you need is a cup or cookie cutter and a muffin tin to make mealtime magic! (Check out our easy how-to below!) With gently rolled slices bread circles, these gluten-free taco shells can be enjoyed soft or toasted into hard shells. Then it’s up to you to choose your filling!

We’ve included three filling ideas to get you started: a classic PB & J-inspired option made with nut-free seed butter and sliced strawberries; a sweet, chocolate-banana option made with our own nut-free chocolate spread and sliced banana; and a savoury toast taco made with salsa, shredded non-dairy cheese, and refried beans. Simply spread, top, and serve!

These simple options are just the beginning—get creative with your gluten-free toast taco fillings! (Check out our tips below for inspired ideas we think would taste delicious, too!)

Wondering what to do with leftover bread after you roll out your taco shell circles? This handy article gives you plenty of ways to use those leftover bread bits. Freeze leftovers to make gluten-free croutons or gluten-free breadcrumbs next week. Or sauté the crusts in buttery spread to dunk today in spare spreads. Because we wouldn’t want a crumb of gluten-free goodness to go to waste when you make our gluten-free toast tacos!

How to Make Easy Gluten-Free Toast Tacos 3 Ways

  1. If making hard shells, preheat your oven to 375°F.
  2. Depending on the type of taco you’re opting for, prepare your toppings by measuring your spreads and thinly slicing fruit.
  3. Use a glass (or cookie cutter) to cut bread into circles, then very gently use a rolling pin to flatten the bread so the bread tacos are easier to work with. (Or spare yourself a dish and do the cutting and rolling with the same glass!)
  4. If making hard toast taco shells, arrange the folded bread circles on the upside-down muffin tin, placing shells between the tins to hold the taco shape. Watch closely for about five minutes and remove when crisp and thoroughly toasted.
  5. If making soft shells, use gluten-free bread circles as-is for full softness, or follow the hard shell method, but warm for less than 2 minutes to keep your shells soft.
  6. To assemble: slather your desired spread across toast taco, then add your toppings. If your hard shell gluten-free toast tacos are on the crisp side, use a spoon to scoop and gently spread the ingredients inside as you would with a conventional hard shell taco.
  7. Going for the savoury option with cheese? Pop your gluten-free toast tacos back into the oven for 2 – 3 minutes for a cheesy melt, then allow to cool for 1 minute before serving.
  8. Enjoy!

Serves 4 – 6

  • Try your gluten-free toast taco hard shells two ways: plain toasted or extra crisp. To infuse more flavour and kick the crispness up a notch, spritz (or lightly brush) your flattened bread circles with olive oil before toasting. Or spread a thin layer of non-dairy butter on both sides for a crunchy, buttery toast taco upgrade.
  • Wonder which type of bread to use for your gluten-free toast tacos? We used our Millet & Chia bread because the smaller slices were the perfect match for the glass we used to make our bread circles. (It made for less waste). Our White Wide Slice bread would work well for larger toast tacos. Whichever gluten-free bread you choose, use the largest cutter or glass you have at home to get the most toast taco out of every slice! (We recommend smooth-textured loaves over seeded ones, which don’t flatten as nicely).
  • Get creative and customize your tacos! The options are practically limitless. We think avocado, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic glaze would make a fantastic savoury option. Or try caramelized pears and a dollop of non-dairy vanilla yogurt or vegan ice cream for a sweet dessert taco!

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