By Little Northern Bakehouse

Hosting a hungry, amped-up crew? Whether you have a rowdy rec-league at your house or you’re hosting the latest book club, these delicious, classic snack recipes check all the party boxes while maintaining a gluten-free and allergy-friendly edge. Here’s the lineup:

Buffalo Cauliflower Po’boys

Nothing says party time like zippy buffalo sauce and the tang of blue cheese (plant-based, of course). This snackable sandwich calls for thinly sliced cabbage topped with homemade blue cheese sauce and crispy cauliflower doused in hot sauce on top of our smooth Millet & Chia Hot Dog Buns.

Filet o’ tempeh Burgers

A bit of battered tempeh and a generous helping of vegan tartar sauce on top of our Millet & Chia Buns will make everyone feel like they hit the drive-thru jackpot without leaving your sofa. Avocado and crunchy pea shoots balance out the fry-factor with a touch of freshness.

Dip-Ready Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

Pull a smart and healthy switcheroo by making these “cheese” sticks that are really hearts of palm coated in our delicious homemade breadcrumbs. Serve with a side of classic marinara sauce.

Hearty Philly Cheese Steak

Tender mushrooms, peppers, and onions do a savory plant-based stand-in for the classic Philly Cheese Steak. Guests will love it with some homemade cheese sauce (hello, nutritional yeast!) and our Millet & Chia Hot Dog Buns.

Grilled Cheese Dippers

It doesn’t get any easier than rolling up a piece of our super popular Millet & Chia bread with some plant-based cheese, giving it a little grill or press to get the cheese melting, and serving with a side of your favourite dipping sauce (tomato and ranch are great options).

Personal-Size Pizza Buns

Let everyone make their favourite kind of pizza by making a pizza bar in your kitchen with base sauces (pesto, tomato, buffalo) and vegan pepperoni, fresh peppers, olives, tomatoes, pineapple, and a blend of your favourite plant-based cheese.

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