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Turn up the heat with this tasty collection of gluten-free buffalo recipes. Fans of spice need no excuse to slather something in hot sauce, but these plant-based buffalo flavoured dishes surely offer some motivation. Hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches—we’ve got all the fan favourites! Buffalo-flavoured-anything is an easy and delicious way to turn up the heat, taste, and fun at home, any night of the week.

Vegan Buffalo Chickn Pizza

gluten-free buffalo pizza

Turn up the heat with our showstopping Vegan Buffalo Chickn Pizza! Enjoy classic game-watching fare that’s gluten-free, meatless, and popular with fans of all ages. Better than anything you can get at a stadium, in the comfort of your own home! Which Artisan Style Pizza Crust will you draft first: original or extra crispy thin? Why not prepare one (or a few!) of each? Mix and match your favourite toppings for a game-changing meal.

Buffalo Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Gluten-free Buffalo Recipes | Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Move over eggless salad sandwich, there’s a spicy new sandwich smash in town. Creamy with zip, this buffalo chickpea filling has a great crunch thanks to carrots, celery, onion, and bell pepper, and is as versatile as they come. Serve it open-face on toast, as a protein-packed buffalo dip with veggie sticks, or as a buffalo bunwich on our Millet & Chia buns.

Buffalo Hot Dog

Vegan Gluten free Buffalo Hot Dog Recipe

Hot dogs are always a classic, but have you tried spicing it up? Top your dogs with the crisp crunch of shredded celery and carrots and the spicy creaminess of vegan buffalo ranch dressing for a perfect, easy, palette-pleasing grill. To ensure perfection, serve on our delicious gluten-free buns.

Buffalo Chickpea Burger

Buffalo style gluten-free chickpea burger recipe (Plant-based)

One bite of a hearty, saucy buffalo-style gluten-free chickpea burger may be all it takes for meat lovers to unleash their inner herbivores. Completely gluten-free, these plant-based burgers blend staples from the pantry and fridge in the food processor and kick things up with a splash of hot sauce. Intensify the bold flavour with a simple five-ingredient, finger-lickin’-good sauce. Serve with your favourite toppings on our Millet & Chia Buns—perfection.

Buffalo Cauliflower Po Boys

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Po'boy Recipe on Gluten free hot dog buns

Love zesty flavours? This buffalo seasoned crispy cauliflower with a zing of hot sauce is simply lip-smacking. Layer in our delicious Millet & Chia Hot Dog Buns for a fun buffalo-inspired take on a traditional po’boy. The rich and tangy filling is baked (not fried!) and kicked up even further with sliced veggies and a tangy plant-based cheese sauce. Yum!

Bonus: Baked Mac & Cheese

gluten free bread recipes

Love our gluten-free buffalo recipes? Don’t stop here! Add the same vegan gluten-free buffalo soy curls from our Buffalo Chikn Pizza to our Baked Mac & Cheese recipe to turn up the heat on an easy, comfort food classic. While most dairy-free mac & cheese recipes rely on soaked nuts as the creamy base for their sauce, this one uses a surprise ingredient you’d never guess when you taste it—roasted eggplant!

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