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There are never enough hours in the day. Sometimes the week gets away from you and you don’t have time to make epic, gluten-free, foodie fare every night. (Don’t worry!) We don’t know anyone outside a professional kitchen who has the time and energy to do that every night of the week. But that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for bland or uninspired dinners.

Our 5 Easy Gluten-Free Vegan Dinner Ideas prove that creating flavourful, healthy, plant-based, gluten-free dinners is easier than you think—even on weeknights! All you need are the right ingredients and time-saving recipes to work with.

Brighten up your week, eat better, and love every minute of it with a little help from these 5 delicious, healthy, easy gluten-free vegan dinner ideas.

Lentil Quinoa Meatloaf

Vegan Gluten-free Lentil Quinoa Loaf for Easy Weeknight Dinners

A healthy, plant-based option to a classic dish. Simply Quinoa’s vegan Lentil Quinoa Meatloaf is packed with nutrition and flavour. It’s so good, any leftovers will disappear before you know it. This gluten-free loaf will surprise you with its satisfying texture and flavour—now THAT’S the joy of the real thing.

Gluten-Free Nacho Pizza

Recipe: Gluten-free Nacho Pizza with Nut-free Vegan Queso on Little Northern Bakehouse Artisan Style Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly, this is nacho average pizza! If there is one recipe you have to try, it’s this one. Try making the queso on the weekend and make weeknight dinner easy, delicious, and surprisingly nutritious. Plus it’s nut-free! The little extra work for the queso is worth the effort. Make it on the weekend and look forward to easy, healthy, mid-week pizza that’s as fast as delivery. Save any leftovers for mid-week snacking (if there are any). Although we made this queso with pizza in mind, you can’t go wrong pairing this with nachos too.

Niçoise Salad

Healthy Easy Gluten-Free Dinner Idea: Vegan Nicoise Salad with Gluten-free Croutons

The Niçoise Salad (or Salad Niçoise), hails from Nice, France, and is brimming with all the beautiful Mediterranean market flavours found along the Côte d’Azur. Our plant-based take on this classic blends creamy potatoes, crispy radishes, briny olives, and crunchy gluten-free croutons (made from your favourite Little Northern Bakehouse bread). Toss this together in a light and bright dressing and this salad is as delicious for dinner as the leftovers will be for tomorrow’s lunch.

Waffle Maker French Toast

Breakfast for Dinner: Easy Gluten-free Waffle Maker French Toast

Winner, winner, breakfast for dinner! Brinner, it sounds so wrong, but it feels so right. Lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup, this is hands down the tastiest…and simplest…plant-based french toast we’ve ever made! The waffle iron makes for easy preparation and cleanup. Proof: you don’t need a cast iron skillet to produce crisp, french toast deliciousness any meal of the day.

Pesto Melt Bagel Sandwich

Simply Quinoa's Vegan Gluten-free Pesto Melt Bagel Sandwich

This sandwich is simple but absolutely delicious! Another Simply Quinoa favourite, this recipe starts with a toasted bagel, then adds on a layer of vegan pesto, some sliced tomato, spinach, and melts on some vegan cheese. This one-step recipe is perfect for a busy (or lazy!) day that needs a little flavour. And it’s a great way to sneak in some extra greens too! We used the Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten-Free Plain Bagels in this recipe but you may also want to try it with the Everything Bagels for some extra flavour and added texture.

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