February 1, 2021   |   News   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

Sure, there’s National Chocolate Day. Of course, there’s Valentine’s Day. But serious chocolate lovers know that there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to indulge in the comforting and rich flavours of cocoa. Anytime a chocolate craving strikes is grounds for chocolate o’clock! Chocolate treats can be as sweet as they are gluten-free, plant-based, and allergy-friendly, and our list of 6 Chocolatey Gluten-Free Treats for Serious Chocolate Lovers is sure to satisfy! From fudge crumb bars to dessert pizzas, we have a little something sweet for everyone with an irrepressible affection for chocolate-filled treats!

Chocolate Bread Pudding Cups

Gluten-free Chocolate Bread Pudding Cups

Ooey-gooey, sticky and chewy: these warm, gluten-free, allergy-friendly chocolate bread pudding cups are a treat to absolutely swoon over! First, you melt vegan chocolate chips into non-dairy milk. Then, you sprinkle in a few pantry ingredients and soak gluten-free bread cubes into this chocolatey batter. For the finale, bake until set and serve warm to capture the heart of your favourite chocolate fan!

Fudge Crumb Bars

Gluten-free Fudge Crumb Bar Recipe

This allergy-friendly fudge bar is just as beautiful as it is easy to prepare (and even more delicious than it looks!). With a gluten-free breadcrumb base, a plant-based chocolate mixture, and a vegan caramel drizzle topping, this treat calls for a little bit of baking, a wee bit of warming, and a complete cool-down before biting into a fantastically fudgy bar.

Chocolate Mint French Toast

Gluten-free Chocolate Mint French Toast

If you think chocolate and mint are the perfect pairing, then you and this French toast are simply ‘mint to be.’ A match made in heaven, we’ve paired a vegan cream cheese mint filling with slices of our gluten-free Millet and Chia bread dipped into a plant-based, chocolatey French toast batter. Topped with a simple yet elegant homemade chocolate ganache sauce, this brunch favourite is just simply decadent, no matter what time of day you serve it.

Vegan Chocolate Fondue

Vegan Chocolate Fondue

Who said fondue couldn’t be plant-based, gluten-free, or allergy-friendly? Not us! Our thick and creamy chocolate fondue boasts all the richness and elegance of a classic chocolate fondue but swaps the traditional dairy for coconut milk and uses vegan chocolate chips instead. Serve this fondue with your favourite fresh fruits or dip a cube of our gluten-free Cinnamon & Raisin bread into this chocolatey sweet treat.

Toast Topper Recipe: Nut-Free Chocolate Spread

Nut-Free Chocolate Spread

Allergy-friendly. Nut-free. More please! This chocolatey charmer is a versatile spread sure to win the heart of any chocolate-lover. Combine toasted sunflower seeds, non-dairy milk, and cocoa powder with other delicious pantry staples. This spread brings a chocolatey flair to sandwiches, dessert pizzas, and dips. We won’t tell if you enjoy it by the spoonful as a late-night treat to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Gluten-Free Dessert Pizza with Chocolate Sunflower Spread & Banana Berry Topping

Pizza with Chocolate Sunflower Spread & Banana Berry

Pizza belongs at any meal. And that includes dessert! Behold! Our delicious, gluten-free dessert pizza, perfect for pizza enthusiasts and chocolate connoisseurs alike. We spread nut-free chocolate sunflower seed butter across our doughy, Original Artisan Style Gluten-Free Pizza Crust, then decorated with bananas, berries, dollops of coconut cream, and chocolate chips. Second slice, anyone?

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