July 8, 2021   |   News   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

We don’t joke around when it comes to delicious summer eats! Our Millet & Chia Hot Dog buns are the perfect vessel for all the tasty combinations we dream up. Check out some of our favourite gluten-free hot dogs and hoagie-style bunwiches to treat yourself to this summer! We have gone above and beyond the stand-alone classic veggie dog and are bringing our A-game with this flavourful bunch.

Gluten-Free Hot Dogs

The Bánh-Mì Dog

Consider this the East-meets-West dog. Fresh cucumber and pickled carrot line the sides of your scrumptious veggie dog and a drizzle of Sriracha mayo adds some heat. Serve on our fluffy and delicious gluten-free buns and sprinkle with mint leaves.

The Greek Dog

Need a fresh and cooling antidote to the summer heat? Bite into this Greek-style dog packed with cucumber, tomato, Kalamata olives, red onion, pepperoncini and smothered in a creamy vegan tzatziki sauce. No need to worry about sauce spillage on our gluten-free buns.

The Coconut Curry Dog

Add some aromatic sophistication to your veggie dog with this warm and spicy Indian curry recipe. A warm gluten-free bun is accompanied by yellow potato, cauliflower, and green peas in a yellow curry sauce and finished with purple cabbage, mango chutney, and cilantro.

The Buffalo Dog

When you like it hot, the buffalo dog is your ticket. This recipe loads up our delicious gluten-free buns with crunchy iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, and chopped celery leaves, and then tops your veggie dog with tangy buffalo hot sauce, cooling ranch and a sprinkle of green onion.

Hoagie-Style Bunwiches
The Mushroom Philly

Tender mushrooms, peppers, and onions are a savoury plant-based stand-in for the classic Philly Cheese Steak. Guests will love it with some homemade cheese sauce (hello, nutritional yeast!) and our Millet & Chia Hot Dog Buns.

The Mushroom Po’Boy

Baked, breaded oyster mushrooms are every bit as crisp and succulent as a classic po’ boy gets. What’s more, this mouthwatering, healthy alternative is easy to prepare. Serve on our warm, toasty gluten-free Millet & Chia buns with a tangy, simple sauce…perfection.

The S’mores Dog

gluten free dessert recipes

Extra hot dog buns? No problem! If you are among the many who have pondered the mysteriously mismatched number of hot dog buns versus number of hot dogs in a pack, fume no longer. It takes just a few minutes to transform those buns into a scrumptious dessert. With Wowbutter, banana, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce, this dreamy S’mores Dog is sure to become your new fave campfire treat. Camping not required.

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