April 2, 2019   |   Tips   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

At Little Northern Bakehouse, we’re all about embracing the joy of the real thing, gluten-free. For us, living joyfully gluten-free includes being able to properly enjoy delicious, gluten-free baked goods. (We know we’re a little biased!) But we’re also all about the goodness of whole, plant-based foods—and general gluten-free goodness any way we can find it.

Our team took a break from their avocado toast to share lived-and-learned tips on how to get the most out of your gluten-free life. Check out these 9 Tips for Living Gluten-free without missing out:

  1. Find Your Favourite Gluten-Free Brands

Obviously, this starts with loving the heck out of your allergy-friendly Little Northern Bakehouse foods, following us on social media, checking out our store locator to find us near you, and signing up for our newsletter so you can get crazy-delicious and indulgent recipes, plus tips for living your ultimate gluten-free life!

  1. Focus on the Freedom, Not the Restriction

There are so many amazing gluten-free products out there and nearly always a swap for whatever you’re craving. On the example list after our amazing gluten-free bread? Rice pasta and noodles, cheesecakes (thanks, Daiya!), tamari (instead of soy sauce), and countless others. Check out our pantry staples list for more.

  1. Follow Gluten-Free Influencers

Think about it: it’s literally their job to show you the latest and greatest in gluten-free living. We love following them for meal inspiration.

  1. Learn What to Look For

Gluten can hide in some sneaky places, including bouillon, pickles, and even hot chocolate mix. Always look for gluten-free certification, not just a wheat-free mention. Make an index of gluten-free foods or ingredients that you can keep adding to. Having it at your fingertips will be a big help to Future You—and anyone else trying to feed you.

  1. Seek and Share

There’s nothing better than asking everyone to bring their inspirations and ideas to the table for a gluten-free potluck (even if it’s a virtual one). Instant food crowdsourcing! Find gluten-free friends in forums, feeds, or online groups and trade recipes. Our recipe archive is also a great place to start.

  1. Come Hungry and Prepared

Offer to bring a gluten-free dish whenever you’re invited to eat at someone else’s place. (Post-social distancing, of course!) While more work for you, at least you know that no matter what, you’ll have a gluten-free dish. Plus, it helps take the pressure off hosts who aren’t sure what to make.

  1. Gluten-Free Does Not Mean Good for You

Gluten-free living definitely has its trending moments, and that can yield some pretty delicious snacks and treats that are still full of sugar and salt. Remember, gluten-free is not always synonymous with good-for-you. (But our sprouted breads packed with gluten-free whole grains definitely are!)

  1. Watch Out for Allergens

We’ve found that a lot of people who are sensitive to gluten or are celiac often tend to have other allergies, including to eggs, which lots of gluten-free companies use as a binder instead of gluten. Some people can also unknowingly find themselves reacting to GMO ingredients that are gluten-free. That’s why all our breads and buns are allergy-friendly and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  1. Experiment and Raise Your Expectations

You might be surprised the next time you dine out how many gluten-free items are actually on a menu (or can be altered to be gluten-free). In fact, many restaurants now have an additional gluten-free menu with all those options listed. At home, experiment with new flavours of your favourite foods. Not sure where to start? Check out these Instagram-inspired snacks, tasty spreads, gourmet veggie dogs, or some classic lunch sandwiches.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out why balance is the best diet hack or head to our Instagram.