January 10, 2020   |   Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

We created our Artisan Style Pizza Crusts so you can throw a gluten-free, plant-based pizza party at home any day of the week—no kneading required. Whether you crave doughy Original, crispy Thin crust, or a generous slice of each, our crusts are a delicious, gluten-free, allergy-friendly foundation for your wildest DIY dreams. To help you take your friends and family on a flavour-packed feast of saucy, sky’s-the-limit pizza toppings that will have them raving about your epic pizza parties for years to come, we’ve started a collection of our most crave-worthy pizza recipes. From our twist on the universal appeal of classic three cheese to on-trend pulled jackfruit, we’ve got you covered!

Love these? Check back soon—we’ll add more pizza recipes to this post as we invent them to keep you inspired all year long!

Gluten-Free Three Cheese Pizza

As much as we crave new and new-to-us flavour experiences, true classics never go out of style. When you’ve got guests of all ages, keeping a tried-and-true option on the menu is a wise way to welcome less-adventurous tastebuds to the table. And our Three Cheese Pizza recipe is anything but boring! An extra-cheesy dairy-free take on Margherita pizza, this recipe brings sophisticated elegance to any pizza party.

(We paired it with our Thin crust in keeping with the classic that inspired it, but—like all our pizza recipes—these toppings are delicious no matter which crust you crave.)

Pineapple and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Pizza


Sweet, savoury, and absolutely on-trend, the pulled jackfruit and BBQ flavours of this pizza are sure to spark lively dinner conversation. Whether your guests wade into the polarizing pineapple-on-pizza debate, or you marvel together at the mysterious meat-like properties of pulled jackfruit, our Pineapple and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Pizza is tough to resist talking about between mouthfuls.

Savoury Thai Pizza with Fresh Herbs and Crunchy Veggie Topping

This showstopping recipe takes all the savoury, aromatic flavours of Thai peanut sauce and makes them allergy-friendly by swapping sunflower seed butter in place of traditional nuts. A study in contrasts—crunchy and cool veggies on a hot and chewy crust, and fresh herbs against a warming, earthy sauce—there’s so much to love about our Savoury Thai Pizza, you might have to claim all 10-inches for yourself, and make a second pizza for sharing. (Don’t worry. This recipe makes enough sauce for two pizza crusts (or gives you enough to whip up an incredible tofu stir-fry later in the week!))

Dessert Pizza with Chocolate Sunflower Butter Spread and Banana Berry Topping

No party would be complete without dessert. Stay on-theme with this sweet pizza! Our nut-free take on classic chocolate hazelnut spread delivers a warm, gooey, chocolatey base to pile high with celebration of fresh berries and bananas, and a generous dollop of dairy-free whip. No one will argue that this recipe is a fitting finale to your feast of flavourful pizzas.