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We created our Artisan Style Pizza Crusts so you can throw a plant-based, gluten-free pizza party at home any day of the week—no kneading required. Whether you crave doughy Original, crispy Thin crust, or a generous slice of each, our crusts are a delicious, gluten-free, allergy-friendly foundation for your wildest DIY dreams.

Call it a party for one with a new season to stream on a rainy weekend. Celebrate a weeknight with just you and your kids. Whatever just-because you come up with, grab your apron and preheat your oven. You’re about to create a flavour-packed feast of saucy, sky’s-the-limit topping combos with this collection of our most crave-worthy recipes for your next gluten-free pizza party at home.

From our twist on the universal appeal of classic three cheese to outside-the-pizza-box makes like vegan cheeseburger, we’ve got every pizza lover in your home covered. Because when you’re the pizzeria, everyone’s needs are on the menu. Pizza night has never been more delicious!

Love these? Check back soon—we’ll add more gluten-free pizza recipes to this post as we invent them to keep you inspired all year long!

Easy Vegan Gluten-free Holiday Leftovers Pizza 

Vegan Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Pizza Recipe

Featuring our gluten-free pizza crust, and topped with butternut squash, crispy dried sage, vegan gravy and more of your plant-based thanksgiving favourites, this vegan gluten-free pizza will fill your tummy and help you clear out the fridge. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Use whatever vegan gluten-free vegan holiday leftovers you have to top this easy pizza with.

Vegan Cheeseburger Pizza

Vegan cheeseburger recipes

Think of the best dive burger with perfectly drippy cheese, crisp lettuce, sharp onion, tangy burger sauce and savoury “meat”, all on your favourite slice. Now you don’t have to choose between burgers or pizza, you can have it all! Much like your favourite burger or pizza, this recipe is totally customizable! Feel free to change up the sauces at the base, we used our vegan version of burger sauce, but you could just use ketchup or marinara for a more traditional pizza crossover or to satisfy a less adventurous picky eater.

Gluten-free Nacho Pizza with Vegan Queso

Recipe: Gluten-free Nacho Pizza with Nut-free Vegan Queso on Little Northern Bakehouse Artisan Style Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly, this is nacho average pizza! Our Gluten-free Nacho Pizza with Vegan Queso is loaded with classic Tex-Mex toppings. We piled salsa, vegan taco ground, and non-dairy pepper jack style cheese shreds atop our Gluten-free Artisan Style Pizza Crust, then topped it with jalapeños, lettuce, and cilantro for a vibrant, savoury chew.

Gluten-Free Three Cheese Pizza

Gluten-free Three Cheese Pizza | an extra-cheesy dairy-free take on classic Margherita

As much as we crave new and new-to-us flavour experiences, true classics never go out of style. When your family includes those with less-adventurous tastebuds, keeping a tried-and-true option on the menu is a wise way to please everyone. And our Gluten-free Three Cheese Pizza recipe is anything but boring! An extra-cheesy dairy-free take on Margherita pizza, this recipe brings sophisticated elegance to pizza night at home.

(We paired it with our Thin crust in keeping with the classic that inspired it, but—like all our gluten-free pizza recipes—these toppings are delicious no matter which crust you crave.)

Pineapple and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Pizza

Gluten-free Pizza Party at Home? Try our Pineapple and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit recipe!

Sweet, savoury, and absolutely on-trend, the pulled jackfruit and BBQ flavours of this pizza are sure to spark lively dinner conversation. Whether your family wades into the polarizing pineapple-on-pizza debate, or you marvel together at the mysterious meat-like properties of pulled jackfruit, our Pineapple and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Pizza is tough to resist talking about between mouthfuls.

Savoury Thai Pizza with Fresh Herbs and Crunchy Veggie Topping

Gluten-free Recipe: Savoury Thai Pizza with Fresh Herbs and Crunchy Veggie Topping

This showstopping recipe takes all the savoury, aromatic flavours of Thai peanut sauce and makes them allergy-friendly by swapping sunflower seed butter in place of traditional nuts. Crunchy and cool veggies on a hot and chewy crust. Fresh herbs against a warming, earthy sauce. This Savoury Thai Pizza is a celebration of contrasts! There’s so much to love about this recipe—you might have to claim all 10-inches for yourself! And make a second pizza for your family. (Don’t worry. This recipe makes enough sauce for two pizza crusts (or enough to whip up an incredible tofu stir-fry later in the week!))

Avocado Toast Flatbread

Gluten-free Avocado Toast Flatbread

This recipe was made for avocado toast lovers! Turn a beloved breakfast into a delicious dinner with our Avocado Toast Flatbread. This gluten-free flatbread layers pesto, avocado, veggies, and plant-based feta for a delicious chew. Get out the garnishes to make this flatbread your own. Experiment with toppings like lemon, chili flakes, fresh herbs, or homemade garlic-infused olive oil. Light, healthy, and allergy-friendly, this recipe will take your avocado toast game to the next level!

Roasted Root Vegetable Gluten-free Flatbread

Get the Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetable Gluten-free Flatbread

Fancy a flavourful flatbread fit for Fall? Trade fully-loaded and saucy ‘za for this strategically seasoned and sophisticated flatbread. Our Roasted Root Vegetable Gluten-Free Flatbread starts with homemade infused olive oil, made with roasted garlic and fresh herbs. Brush your flatbread generously with fragrant olive oil. Dress it up with a rainbow of colourful roasted root veggies. Top with vegan, nut-free cheese—and dinner is served!

Vegan Buffalo Chickn Pizza

Vegan Buffalo Chickn Pizza on Little Northern Bakehouse Artisan Style Gluten-free Crust

Bite into this vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly take on a classic. (No big game required). Our Vegan Buffalo Chickn Pizza trades traditional chicken for soy curls. Warm them in veggie broth and season with paprika, maple syrup, and garlic powder for a tender and flavourful chew. Get gooey with vegan goat-style cheese and mozzarella shreds. Add freshness with green onions, celery, hot sauce and guacamole. All-in, this zingy, zesty ‘za is a chewy, savoury treat!

Gluten-free Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

Gluten-free Thin Crust Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

This pizza is an easy-cheesy-lemon-squeezy recipe amazingly versatile! Enjoy it as a trendy weekend appetizer or make it the star of a weeknight family meal. Sautéed garlic, onions, artichokes, spinach, and sauce are generously layered atop our Thin Artisan Style Gluten-Free Pizza Crust. Finished with plant-based mozzarella (a delicious recipe we discovered from our friend @schoolnightvegan), this pizza is bubbly-brown and cheesy delight the moment you take it out of the oven.

Dessert Pizza with Chocolate Sunflower Butter Spread and Banana Berry Topping

Dessert Pizza with Chocolate Sunflower Butter Spread | Gluten-free, Vegan, Nut-free and Allergy-friendly

Did somebody say dessert? We have a sweet pizza recipe up our sleeve! Our nut-free take on classic chocolate hazelnut spread delivers a warm, gooey, chocolatey base. Pile it high with celebration of fresh berries and bananas, and a generous dollop of dairy-free whip. This recipe is a fitting finale to your feast of flavourful gluten-free pizzas.

What are your favourite toppings for DIY pizza night at home? Show off your culinary creativity! Tag pics of your gluten-free makes @littlenorthernbakehouse on Instagram and follow us for more inspiration.