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You searched on the ‘gram. You favourited on Facebook. You noted the newsletters. And you bit into recipes and articles on blog. In a challenging year when we’ve all had to keep distance, we found a way to come together digitally and connect over healthy and delicious gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods. We are so thankful to have you as part of our community, and excited to share our Top 20 of 2020. Check out the top recipes, roundups, articles, and influencer posts that helped us share gluten-free joy in 2020—as rated by YOU!

Top 5 Recipes of 2020

This year, we were cooking up a gluten-free storm in the kitchen, experimenting with a little more of this and a little less of that. The result? These top five gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and plant-based makes made our Top 20 of 2020 because you couldn’t get enough of them!

  1. Toast Topper: Nut-free Chocolate Spread

    Topping the list as most popular recipe this year is this two-step toast topper! Described by our readers as, “DELICOUS” and “SO DELICIOUS,” this chocolatey spread is made with sunflowers seeds, cocoa powder, and is naturally sweetened with maple syrup. How sweet it is when spread generously on a gluten-free bagel (we won’t tell if you lick the spoon!).

  2. Toast Topper: Miso-Infused Edamame Hummus with Homemade Pickled Ginger

    Tried, tested, and true: our fans love that this toast topper recipe says bye, bye boring and hello hummus! Japanese-inspired, this flavour-filled topper brings together the umami of chickpeas, miso, and edamame beautifully in a thick spread, then packs a punch with a vibrant, pickled ginger garnish. Pair this creamy hummus with a crispy, gluten-free bagel or bun!

  3. Gluten-free Vegan Buffalo Chickn Pizza

    Maybe our readers love how this recipe swaps chicken for spiced soy curls. Maybe it’s that the soy curls pair perfectly with non-dairy cheese and classic buffalo chickn toppings. Or perhaps fans love that this zingy ‘za is made with our doughy, gluten-free pizza crust. Whatever it is, this recipe is a winner, winner, no-chicken dinner!

  4. Gluten-free Avocado Toast Flatbread

    Our Gluten-Free Avocado Toast Flatbread is a hit based on your visits, likes, and comments—and we’re thinking it’s because this dish turns everyone’s beloved breakfast into a delicious dinner. With zesty-fresh ingredients and topped with savoury non-dairy feta cheese, this pizza takes avocado toast to another level!

  5. No Sesame Za’atar Cream Cheese Gluten-Free Bagelwich

    No sesame? No problem! Our allergy-friendly za’atar spice blend is a fan favourite, using ingredients like poppy seeds, thyme, cumin, and sumac to create an herbal and peppery flavour. We mixed our no-sesame za’atar with non-dairy cream cheese and slathered it on a gluten-free bagel. This recipe was so popular, it didn’t just make our Top 20 of 2020 list. It also inspired us to create a No Sesame Za’atar Flatbread recipe. If you loved the exquisite and earthy taste of this za’atar bagelwich, you’ll love our flatbread, too!

Top 3 Roundups of 2020

Our roundups are our fun way of asking readers, “Would you like an encore?” Curating a collection of recipes that use similar ingredients or share a common theme, here are your favourite roundups that made our Top 20 of 2020:

  1. What To Do With Leftover Bread

    Nutritious. And great down to the very last slice! Our readers want to know how to use leftover gluten-free bread, and we have ideas to share! This top trending article of 2020 rounds up four fun ways to use every last gluten-free slice in the bag. Will you dice and broil to make gluten-free croutons? Or will you indulge in a Baked Savoury Gluten-free Strata? Grab an apron and become a leftover bread buff!

  2. Gluten-Free Bread-Based Bites for All-Day Snacking

    When the clock strikes snack o’clock and your tummy starts rumbling, this popular roundup delivers. Our gluten-free slices love being the toast of the town, and this snackable collection shares a bread-based bite for every day of the week! Enjoy the sweeter things in life with our Yogurt & Granola Toast or get fresh with our Hummus and Cucumber Ribbon Toast.

  3. Ultimate Mix-and-Match Guide to Gluten-free Grilled Cheese

    Our gluten-free grilled cheese roundup was enough to make readers’ hearts melt. Less of a roundup and more of a wonderfully cheesy mix-and-match guide, we offered options for bread, spread, toppings, cheese, and essential extras! Anything goes in this sandwich celebration, from sweet to savoury to going-for-seconds!

Top 3 Articles of 2020

What we love about our fans is that they don’t just want to make great food—they also want to know what gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and healthy ingredients are making up their meals and why they’re trending. Of all the blogs we wrote this year to share more about what healthy, gluten-free whole grain ingredients and trends, these three made our Top 20 of 2020:

  1. Five Food Allergen Facts: Why—and How—We Keep Top Allergens Out of Our Bread

    At Little Northern Bakehouse, our bread isn’t just gluten-free. We keep top allergens out as well, because we know that living with severe allergies can be a significant source of stress. Our readers deserve to feel confident that they’re getting gluten-free and allergy-friendly food. That’s why this top trending article of the year shares why and how we keep gluten and top allergens out—and all the goodness locked in.

  2. Gluten-free Whole Grains

    Our readers know that going gluten-free doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the goodness of whole grains! This popular article breaks down the gluten-free, healthy whole grain ingredients found in our products, and the sprouting process we use to make what’s nutritious and delicious about our gluten-free whole grains even better!

  3. Tasty Trends in 2020: 5 Hot Ideas for Gluten-free Foodies In-the-Know

    Hey, trendsetters! It comes as no surprise that our trendy readers are dialed into what was hot in the kitchen this year. From rethinking your go-to no-nut butters, to cooking with unique flours like plantain and chickpea—this breakdown of what’s hot (and what’s not!) rounds out our top articles of the year.

Top 10 Influencer Posts of 2020

Our readers weren’t the only one raving about Little Northern Bakehouse products and recipes this year. Many gluten-free foodie influencers used Little Northern Bakehouse products to create recipes our fans couldn’t get enough of. We think these 10 fantastic recipes more than earned their place on our Top 20 of 2020 list. But don’t take our word for it—take theirs:

  1. Gluten-free Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Roll Ups by Dada Eats

    Our readers knew just where to go when they were craving a gluten-free sweet treat this year! Samah Dada isn’t just a recipe developer, wellness enthusiast, and food photographer. She’s also the Host of NBC’s Digital Show #Cooking with Samah Dada! In her Gluten-free Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Roll Ups recipe, Samah used Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free Whole Grain Wide Slice bread, which in her words, “…was truly the perfect vessel with the same taste and texture as traditional bread, you won’t even feel like you’re missing out on anything.”

  2. Bombay Bagel Sandwich by Dada Eats

    Like Samah’s style? There’s more where that came from! Our fans also loved her Bombay Bagel Sandwich this year, topped on our chewy gluten-free Everything Bagels. Using the traditional Indian street food sandwich as inspiration, Samah packed in the flavour with masala roasted sweet potatoes, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, and a cilantro chutney.

  3. White Bean Mushroom Burger by Simply Quinoa

    Alyssa Rimmer, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, recipe developer, and founder of Simply Quinoa is a wellness and recipe blogger our fans loved this year. Alyssa sandwiched her White Bean Mushroom Burger recipe on our Millet and Chia Buns in 2020, creating an amazing meaty texture. Easy to make and even easier to devour!

  4. Lentil Quinoa Meatloaf by Simply Quinoa

    Alyssa put a vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly twist on a classic, drawing rave reviews from our readers. In her Lentil Quinoa Meatloaf recipe, Alyssa used wholesome ingredients like mushrooms, lentils, oats, and quinoa. But the pièce de résistance? Alyssa created her own gluten-free breadcrumbs using Little Northern Bakehouse bread, which made a wonderful binding agent in this delicious dish.

  5. Pesto Melt Bagel Sandwich by Simply Quinoa

    Simply Quinoa also made an easy-cheesy bagel sandwich that made our fans swoon! With toasty Little Northern Bakehouse Plain Bagels, Alyssa made a mouthwatering Pesto Melt Bagel Sandwich by slathering homemade vegan pesto, layering fresh tomato slices and spinach, then topping with vegan cheese slices.

  6. Vegan Stuffing in Baked Pears by Cotter Crunch

    Lindsay Cotter, the maker behind Cotter Crunch, is a gluten-free nutrition specialist and certified by the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists. Recipe developer, photographer, and blogger, Lindsay was the brains behind this Vegan Stuffing in Baked Pears recipe. A real fan-favourite, Lindsay describes this recipe as a pear-fect holiday treat! Just as easy to make as it is to draw a wow-factor from its beautiful plating, this recipe uses whole ingredients, including seedy, sprouted whole grain gluten-free bread!

  7. Asian BBQ Mushroom Steak Burgers by Cotter Crunch

    Readers also loved the simplicity of this Asian BBQ Mushroom Steak Burger that Lindsay made this year as well. Calling on kitchen staple items like gluten-free Asian chili sauce, garlic, ginger, and rice wine vinegar, this recipe provides the Millet and Chia Bun and mushroom burger essentials and leaves the toppings up to you!

  8. Kale & Sweet Potato Veggie Nuggets by Phoebe Lapine

    Cookbook and wellness author, food blogger, and gluten-free comfort food creator Phoebe Lapine is a hit among our readers! Feed Me Phoebe boasts simple to follow and delicious gluten-free eats, including this popular Kale & Sweet Potato Veggie Nuggets Using less than 10 ingredients, including homemade Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free breadcrumbs, these nuggets are quick to make for lunch or a satisfying afternoon snack!

  9. Vegan CPK BBQ Cauliflower Pizza by Phoebe Lapine

    Feed me more, Phoebe! Fans who loved Phoebe’s Kale & Sweet Potato Veggie Nuggets recipe also praised this Vegan CPK BBQ Cauliflower Pizza. Using cauliflower instead of meat, gluten-free BBQ sauce, and our Thin Artisan pizza crust, this simple pizza is a chewy delight, full of texture and flavour.

Our Top 20 of 2020 tells us what you loved by looking backward. We’d love to know what types of recipes, meals, how-tos, and other content you’d like to see more of in 2021. Leave a comment on the Little Northern Bakehouse Facebook and Instagram pages to let us know!