July 26, 2017   |   Gluten-Free Living   |   Little Northern Bakehouse

You’ve pitched your tent, chopped some firewood, and found the perfect spot to run a string of outdoor lights overhead. Now what? Eat, of course! Pop that cooler and dig out the condiments, ‘cause we’ve got your weekend camp menu ready.


A sweet little rule for camp breakfasts: keep it simple. Have what you would normally eat at home (but you’ll have to bring a bit of the pantry with you).

  • Grab your favourite gluten-free loaf and set up a mini picnic table smorgasbord with nut butters, cashew cream cheeses, tasty homemade jams, and of course, plenty of avocado. No reason you can’t bring a couple unusual toppings and make it a little gourmet, too.
  • Bring some blend-now and drink-later smoothies. Whip them up at home and before you put on the lid, add some chia seeds to the top. Twist your lid on and shake. This will keep your smoothie ingredients from separating while they sit in your cooler overnight.
  • Make a simple and delicious fresh fruit salad to enjoy with your tea.
  • When you’ve got a sweet outdoor griddle, the weekend is practically begging for pancakes. Bring your favourite gluten-free mix with you, plus some nut milk, banana, and syrup, and you’ll be set.

Depending on how activity-heavy your camp days are, lunch can either be a great time to refuel, or a nice break from reading a book in a hammock to grab a light snack.

  • Need energy? Fuel up with a veggie sandwich on our Whole Grain Wide Slice Loaf. Layer some delicious hummus on each slice and top with crunchy cucumbers, sprouts, lettuce and peppers. Or make a yummy eggless salad.
  • Make protein a priority with this British-influenced recipe for garlicky beans on toast.
  • Whip up a fresh summer salad with a mix of fruit, nuts, and fresh greens.
  • Lay out a spread of fresh veggies, hummus and dips, fruits, and bread slices to dip and top.
  • Munch on a bag of popcorn. We’re all about the balance.

This is where the fun happens. Dig into all of your camp favourites, or surprise yourself with some new outdoor alternatives.

  • You can’t go wrong with a wicked plant-based burger. We’ve got a round-up to prove it.
  • Roasting veggie dogs over the fire: classic. Try this cool and delicious Greek dog.
  • We know from experience just how awesome campfire curry is. Simply make it at home with a batch of rice and reheat it over the fire.
  • Make a bun-wich with your lunch or previous dinner leftovers.

Camping isn’t camping without the after-dark, under-the-stars snacks. Don’t forget your roasting sticks.

  • S’mores. The quintessential camp treat. Take it to the next level with a sandwich upgrade.
  • Cut up some fresh fruit and melt some chocolate in a pot over the fire for some easy vegan fondue.
  • Camp popcorn is the best! Make some in a fire-proof pot or get one of those handy popcorn maker shakers.

Got everything?

Don’t forget your buns!